Dump Trailer Kit WEDICO
Dump Trailer Kit 1:16 scale consists of the following parts:
  • #368 2 Axle Standard Chassis.
  • #286 Dump Body
  • #294 Hydraulics for Dump
  • #295 Hydraulic R/C Interface
  • (Two) #511 Aluminum Rim Set with bearings
  • #797 Electrical System
  • #1006 Center License Plate Panel
  • #445 4 Chamber Tail Lights
  • #444 Mud Flaps
These parts have been individually selected to build the trailer you see. This trailer has upgrade aluminum wheels (see Accessories for Trailers) you may choose standard plastic wheels for less cost. You may also add many other upgrades as you wish.

Item No.
Raw Aluminum End Dump 1/16 SCALE WEDICO Basic Kit Body and Chassis only
Raw Aluminum End Dump Max Deluxe Kit