Caterpillar Excavator Model 345 D
Hydraulic Excavator CAT 345D Scale 1:14.5

Complete Assembly Kit #3120 consisting of:
Upper and lower vehicle sections, chain drive with 2 electric motors, lower vehicle section in classic H-shape, driver's cab and super-structures, raising and excavating cylinders, hydraulic pumps with tilter and 174 psi (12bar) operating pressure, three control valves, hoses, T-pieces lock bushings, hydraulic oil, electronics with light and sound system, loud speaker, batter pack 12V 2.7Ah and speed controller.

The model distinguishes itself with its very high wrenching and braking-away force capabilities. As was the case with the CAT 966G II and CAT 740, this model is also manufactured out of die cast aluminum, aluminum sheet and high quality plastic material. All metal parts, including the hydraulic cylinder, are powder coated.

#3120RC - Items Needed To Make The Excavator 345 D R/C
Hyd. System servos
Airtronics 8 Channel Radio, 2 sticks = 4 channels; one 3 position switch, three 2 position swtiches. Both sticks spring loaded
Smart Charger for NiMH/MiCd 7.2-9.6 AND 12V with Tamiya or Red Plug connectors

Item No.
Caterpillar Excavator 345D (With U.S. Electrical System) Kit
Radio, Servos, Charger Kit For Caterpillar Excavator 345D