SERVONAUT Sound With Turbo
SM7 sound module for trucks - successor to the well-established SM3

Sounds include ignition, 5 horns, compressed-air brake, turbo charger, reverse beeper

5 motors: Actros V6, Scania V8, TGA in-line cylinder, DAF in-line 6 cylinder, Scania in-line 6 cylinder

Turbo charger, compressed-air, warning beeper and gear change sounds are individually adjustable in volume with the Servonaut CARD (as an accessory)

Control ignition and horn either with switching input (multiswitch) or a receiver channel

With small volume control (potentiometer) that you can hide in your model

For 7,2V to 12V loudspeaker with 4 Ohm and up ( not included)

No extra battery needed, can be powered directly from the main battery

Dimensions ca. 65 mm x 35 mm x 12 mm

Item No.
Sound With Turbocharger Effects