6 Hubs For Cat 740 Dumper


Cat Dump Truck Kit is manufactured from aluminum die-cast, aluminum metal sheets and high quality plastic components. Kit comes with poweder coat finish and detailed assembly instructions. Kit components are: chassis, front and rear vehicle unit, superstructures, differentials, steering and lifting cylinders, proportional control of the steering cylinders, hydraulic pump with filter, operating at a working pressure of 174 psi. Two control valves, hose, T-pieces, lock bushings, hydraulic oil, electrical system, electric motor, battery pack 12V, 3 speed all wheel gearbox, and speed controller including a sound system with speaker. The axles are equipped with internal plantetary gears at reduction ratio of 15:1. NOTE: Radio, servos and charger are additional.

Technical data:

  • Length: app. 29.53″
  • Width: app. 9.29″
  • Height: app. 10.16″
  • Track (tread): app. 7.28″
  • Finish: Epoxy powder coating
  • Tires: Soft rubber tires, original Goodyear tread pattern
  • Front and rear driving axles are made from metal, including partially lockable differentials.
  • Reduction ration 15:1
  • 3-speed gearbox from metal. Reduction ratio 12:1 / 6:1 / 3:1
  • Pendulous rear axles
  • Rigid front axle fixed to the front carriage
  • WEDICO Buhler electric motor, rated 12 volts
  • Hydraulic pump with motor and tank, 174 psi
  • Control valve block
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6 Hubs For Cat 740 Dumper

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6 Hubs For Cat 740 Dumper


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