Arizona Kit Car Club - Route 66

May 15th, 16th & 17th, 1998

Friday pm
We left Phoenix in the Excalibur at about noon, nice and warm took the side curtains out and headed north. The car was acting up a little and I could not remember the last time I had put a set of points in the car. 1974 pre electronic Ignition. Arrived at Best Western Pony Soldier Motel, 3030 east rt. check in to the motel.

Meet up with Frank & Judy Summers and whent to A 50’s Diner for dinner, name of it is the Galaxy Diner. We left a AKCC Route 66 plaque on a mirror above the cash register, it was still there June of 2005.
Saturday – Departing 8:00am from motel

May in Flagstaff at 8:00am IS NOT WARM! I think it was about 35 degrees and several of the valley cars did not want to wake up and run, but soon everyone’s car warmed up and running and we soon departed for our breakfast stop.

We now get a short strip of interstate and we get off at Williams for another short strip of old Route 66 through Williams. We make a stop at the Route 66 gift shop and magazine Route 66 headquarters. Everyone found something to buy and if you stopped there, there is an AKCC Route 66 tour plaque on the door-frame, look for it.

Next stop: Breakfast in ASH FORK at Ted’s Bull Pen Restaurant. Exit I-40 at Exit 146, turn right onto Lewis Avenue (a one-way street), go to first cross street then turn back onto the other one-way street to Ted’s Bull Pen.

This is an old building and an old fashion restaurant, breakfast was served buffet style and if you could not find something you liked I guess you would not eat breakfast.

NOTE: Tune to 103.3 FM for a Route 66 Golden Oldies station from Seligman.

As we cruised through Seligman we passed by the Snowcap Drive In restaurant, been there for a long time and famous for its menu. Things like; hamburgers without ham, and dead chicken with all the trimmings. We just pass on by since we are still full from breakfast.

Next Stop: Grand Canyon Caverns. As we drive in, a photographer from Kingman will be on hand to snap a photo of you and your car, these will be available for purchase. 45 minute tours begin every 1/2 hour $7.50/person.

This was a really unique experience, you wait in line and take an elevator down 90 feet into the caverns, it was a great tour, once everyone returned to the surface some of us were eating ice cream but we headed out on old Route 66 for Kingman. The original travelers on Route 66 at their slow pace must of thought this section would never end.
Next Stop: Peach Springs

An old canopy gas station, cement block with an attached repair shop. Still had the original candy display case in the office and you could only fuel two cars at one time. Peach Springs is famous for the fact that you can drive down to the Colorado River at this point, may need 4 wheel drive. We fuel up and we are on our way. The next section of Route 66 if it wasn’t for the new black top you’re looking at the same scenery the westward bound looked at, but we moved at a much faster pace.

Kingman -On to lunch at Mr. D’z Route 66 Diner. The diner is all the way thru Kingman just before the “Y” intersection where Route 66 and Business Loop (BL) 40 split. There is cheap gas near the diner. If you need a Particular brand, stop at one as we enter town and then catch us at the diner. Just follow Andy Devine Boulevard (also marked Business Loop 40 and Route 66).

This was a good place to stop and everyone was ready for lunch after the long run from Peach Springs. After some good food and a little walking around we head out on Route 66 west for Oatman AZ.

The run to Oatman has some wide open space and it seems like you will never get to the mountain. When you do get there you get to do first hand all the switchbacks as you climb up to get over the mountain to Oatman. Many of the Route 66 documentaries show cars stalled going up the hill, we were no exception, about half way up the mountain the Excalibur just shut off. We rolled to the edge looking down the side, nice scenery. A quick check reveals that we have no spark, further investigation the points have burned up.

One of the other members stopped to help and made the comment “this must be the only car in the club with points”. Luckily we were prepared with a spare set and we able to change them at roadside and set the proper gap at… that looks good, close it up, turn the key, it fires up and we roll on in to Oatman.

Oatman – It is NOT a ghost town, it is alive and well as a tourist attraction. Lots of shops and restaurants for browsing and stretching you legs. Depending on the time when we leave Oatman, we will pick which route we will take to Laughlin and a time/place to meet for dinner.

Luckily we had planned on stopping in Oatman for a little R&R because there was a wedding in the middle of the street. When they pronounced them man and wife the witnesses took of their hats and walked into the crowd looking for a honeymoon donation at which time the pastor announced we don’t take the wedding chapel down until the collection looks like enough. And believe it or not this was in the middle of the road, in the middle of town and you could not get through until they took it down. After a little shopping and snack, back out on old Route 66 dirt till we got to the pavement made our way to Laughlin for a nice $26.00 per night room.
Saturday pm
Gold River in Laughlin. Enjoy yourselves.

Everyone enjoyed the fine amenities of civilization, excellent food and variety of drink to suit everyone’s taste and a large comfortable room with a nice bed and hot shower in the morning. I don’t think the original Route 66 travelers had it this good.
Sunday am
Sunday morning we are planning a Brunch in Needles. Tom and Ann 10:00am Cogan (the former officers of the AHA) have graciously offered their home for this event.

The Cogan’s home was extremely comfortable with a patio 20 feet from the Colorado River. Everyone enjoyed conversation, good bench racing and plenty of food. After recovering from more breakfast then we all needed we said our goodbyes and thanks climbed back in the Excalibur and headed for Phoenix in the old style car the modern way, interstate 10. It was a long boring drive back!