1:1 Scale Tryon Viper

This is the Tryon Viper, brainchild of Ric Murphy. It’s sort of a cross between a space fighter from an episode of “Battlestar Galactica” and one of the Quincy Lynn trike kits. Certainly the ultimate ride for any star trekkie or sci-fi nut!

It combines fiberglass construction on a ladder frame with VW power at the rear (of course). The car measures 15′ long, 46″ high, and 76″ wide at the aft end. Rear suspension is from the VW type II with torsion bars. A trailing arm and coil-over shock assembly is used up front. Steering is accomplished through a VW steering box and a custom drag link to the 8 X 18″ wheel and tire.

Power is VW 1835cc type 3 engine. The motor features dual Solex carburetors and a 3 speed automatic transmission. The extensive electrical system uses a 60-amp Nippon alternator to provide power to the extensive electronics on board. The canopy is opened by internal and external switches or remote control of a hydraulics system.

Inside is an array of switches, gauges, and LED bar graphs to indicate the state of things to the driver. The seats are done in silver /blue and feature a spacey looking inlay. Seating is tandem, one behind the other for correct balance with one or two people. In the back (for the navigator), there is a backup computer, radio, and CB communications system. The whole system uses 16 dash accessed fuses and 19 micro switches with relays to control the heavy power demands. As an added touch, the driver must first enter a 5-digit code to start the space fighter (space ships do not use ignition keys).

The first of Murphy’s Vipers was built several years ago as a daily driver and was considerably more primitive. As with many kit-builder’s, Ric was not satisfied to build merely one and soon refined his idea into further incarnations. With molds modified and jigs made during the construction of the third Viper, the Viper was being offered in kit form. A total of 5 were built, the 5th one sold to a location in California, location of this Tyron Viper is unknown. If you find it please call.

Photos below are of old and new.

For more information on the Tryon Viper contact:
Ric Murphy
155 West 7th Place
Mesa, AZ 85201

Starfleet Command Subspace Transmission Intercepted

The ship’s com. Link rang thru the hollowed corridors of the attack carrier.” Captain Reaves.. report to Alpha bay…flight Alpha bay, experimental craft, another one of engineering’s brain child’s. Down the long corridor he ran, tightening buckles and adjusting straps on his turbo suit as he went. Down the lift to Alpha bays ready room. Slightly out of breath he pushed his I. D. card into security door. Again sound of rushing air and the red doors slid open. A stocky figure awaited his arrival Captain Ric Murphy Engineering’s best designer Reaves stop short, not expecting an upper command officer. Snapping to attention he saluted smartly. “Commander David Reaves reporting sir.” Murphy never looked up from the computer council. Returning the salute a tight smile spread across his rugged face. “Reaves.. they say you are the best we have .. well.. come with me.” Placing his palm on the control panel a mechanical voice responded immediately. “Captain Murphy.. you are security cleared to enter.” A responding rush of air equalized the two compartments as the two entered. Reaves squinted slightly as his eyes adjusted to the red lighting of rail one of the launch bay. Stopping short he could feel the rush of adrenalin surging through his body. Murphy lead against the control counsel and beamed with pride as the young commander moved towards the vessel nestled on the launch pad. Removing his gloves he ran his had over the sculptured black korellian plastic. From bow to stern he examined every inch of the ship. A small sensor glowed just forward of the smoked glass canopy. Reaves passed his hand over the sensor and the canopy opened slowly.

As the force of acceleration began the flight suit compensated well for the G force. In a mater of minutes the blast shields dropped and the freedom of open space greeted his vision. Arming the tactical computer, the readout surprised him. Klingon heavy cruiser … what the H are they doing here? He pondered. Moving the control stick forward he began to close on the alien vessel.

Sub-space transmission ^ interception ^ Klingon D6 cruiser to Klingon fleet have unknown craft on long range scan. Craft is moving parallel to our course and speed. Klingon cruiser Fencer accelerating to maximum warp … alien craft has matched speed and is pulling away. Alien craft has been identified as Starfleet Tryon Viper…Viper is now on intercept course… evasive action… Viper is out maneuvering us… Cruiser dropping to sublight speed… firing full phaser volley … Viper has evaded tractor phasers … firing 300 degree torpedo volley… direct hit… Viper shields withstood strike with little effect. Scanners show small craft one to two pilots… canopy is blacked out internal scan negative … Viper commander is demanding surrender… Affecting escape maneuvers … Viper commander is demanding surrender or complete destruction. .. Continuing evasive maneuvers. Viper has weapon systems locked on… we are diverting all power to our shields… taking evasive actions … Viper firing phaser voll……….

End transmission security release star date 850411